TSSF basically bookends all this shit involving Ryx perfectly. This band is too relevant haha. With this I think I close my discussion on the topic. 

Anonymous asked:
yo prawst, can I get some back story and proof on the allegation that Nishi a back stabbing cunt. I'm lost, help me out snake brother.


a back stabbing cunt? Eh, not really. That’s not what I’m particularly pissed about here but it certainly involves them. The problem is that they encouraged and full heartedly sided with someone who was eventually proven to be full of shit on the supposed merit of their faulty, weak call out post without first getting a word from the accused party, enabling them to implore others to slander that person because of an ideology that embraces the reckless disregard for skepticism and critical thought.

But yeah, it’s more than just nishi. its a popular mental midget mentality of accepting such accusations as indisputable FACT based entirely on one side of the story without first AT LEAST asking the other party (see: their friend in question) or remaining neutral until a rebuttal surfaces, then without said fact checking, deliberately enabling someone to go public knowing full well that the purpose for going public is for destroying reputation and for others to see and act on it by cutting that person out immediately and calling them scum to their face without them having a faint clue of what the fuck happened. Hiding behind saying they merely wanted to gently “warn others” through a public declaration is a rhetorical phrase to conceal the desire to manipulate public opinion at the heart of it. Nobody had the idea to ask buyo before deciding to be a fairweather friend and buyo was left in the dark while people all around him started mysteriously blocking and cutting him out.

Further more, there are people who STILL insist on buyo apologizing for what they did though buyo has PROOF that he had made sure everything was consensual and had apologized and expressed deep concern about it as early as the day after the situation, making repeated attempts in the time since to reach out.

People are so desperate to fight the righteous battle and be one of the good guys that they will instantly choose sides and act on HUGELY sensitive issues like this without the proper context. It’s all so masturbatory and those who are the most passionate and outspoken become the arbitrator to those with blinders on around them. It’s abuse of empathy and it’s particularly of interest to see how people who do this go to great lengths to absolve themselves of responsibility in the face of their own ignorance and gross error. It’s immaturity at best and blatant manipulation at it’s worst.

This. Also, being that I’m the one that started a lot of this with the initial callout post on Nishi, in the interest of fairness and transparency it’s important to share that I have actually talked to Nishi since posting that and they agreed to having anger issues and expressed gratitude to me for bring it to their attention. Admittedly despite denouncing reactionary behavior I did allow my own anger and biases to seep into what I wrote however I won’t apologize for taking a stance on the tumblr call out mentality and this “ideology that embraces the reckless disregard for skepticism and critical thought” (well put).

In regards to the Ryx and Buyo situation (which I had cited merely as an example of Nishi’s behavior fostering such ideology and did not mention to make the focus of my post), Nishi has since expressed regret in getting involved and has gone so far as to be concerned that Ryx may have abused knowing how they would react as a catalyst to start a crusade against Buyo. Nishi maintains the stance that both parties owe each other an apology and while I don’t believe Buyo is at fault for his reaction, while inflammatory, to defend himself, I think it’s fair that the blame isn’t being completely placed upon Buyo.

I think this awareness is important in hopefully leading to less of these ridiculous witch hunts based upon presupposed evidence and rumor rather than fact and refuting or even ignoring evidence that contradicts the assumed notions initially brought up to stir people into a mob against someone. I’m really hoping we’ll see as much walk as talk result from this as my goal with all of this was to bring Nishi’s destructive behavior both to their attention and to those who interact with them in the interest of personal growth and change, and to remind people how crucial it is to think critically before getting involved with such charged situations and even seemingly mundane conversation.

"well, buyo nye" said ryx ham "you see, there’s these skype calls that explain just that! they’re completely fictional but you’ll just have to trust me on that since I don’t have any actual evidence"

debating 2014


instead of sitting around pretending some sort of magical thing was probably maybe said in skype that will invalidate all of the things you yourself said in logs to buyo, maybe you should actually talk about what was said in these skype chats

otherwise it looks like you’re trying very hard to pretend the IDEA of these skype chats existing is enough to sustain your accusations, which is terrifically gross

and then it looks an awful lot like you’re making things up

game set match damn tho.

this actually reminds me of bill nye and ken ham where bill was like


and ken ham is just like

lol no hey check this out tho.


(reposted with pictures because tumblr’s formatting screwed the text up and moved it around)

anyway with all that shit out of the way, here’s a picture of Summer by Alphonse Mucha

I just got two books of his works in the mail today that I’m gonna reference for some nouveau work and I’m hype!!!



SO today ryx posted up a callout post in an attempt to frame me as a sexual and emotional abuser. But after reading it, it turns out that almost everything he’s saying is either completely false or only part of the truth with conveneint details left out to make the…

I’m so spent on call out posts, despite the nishi one, I don’t like them at all but this is important and if you’re curious what I meant when I referenced the “ryx debacle” then here’s the counter to that.

Anonymous asked:
nishi doesn't think they're narcissistic or manipulative at all. what do you say in response to them saying that?

goodness a person being accused of something denies it 

let’s just


Anonymous asked:
The kind of behavior Nishi exhibits isn't about seeking closure- it's about using guilt to control others as much as possible. Nishi name drops the people who hurt them constantly. Going to the Lapfox Reddit just to get attention? Really!? Nishi wallows in their pain because they know no other way to live. It isn't healthy, not for Nishi and not for anyone else. While calling out Nishi may not be the best course of action, it's def better than saying nothing at all. Thanks for speaking up!

It’s the best course of action at my disposal given the circumstances, they certainly aren’t in the headspace to listen to reason or criticism, especially from a stranger. I see what I posted as more of a warning to other people than a “hey just so you know your behavior isn’t healthy hope u feel and act better” post for Nishi. If they see things and actually REALLY THINK about the shit they’re doing and better themself then cool, I don’t see it happening but that’d be great! I did this knowing full well that I won’t be the one to give them some epiphany to treat people and themself better. My goal was to make people aware of the dangers of having a complacent mindset towards someone so unstable and manipulative (online presences in general), illustrate the need for people to take what they hear from reactionary individuals with a grain of salt and MAYBE get a few people to abandon Nishi’s hate horde so the next time they try to lead an attention crusade against someone for their own self-fulfillment, there will be less people at their command.

Anonymous asked:
There's no denying that Nishi has been seriously hurt by others (Ren included) — but this has lead them to develop an addiction to pity. Something I've seen happen to /numerous/ people is when Nishi begins to dislike some, anything that person did that made them uncomfortable, no matter how minor, accidental, or old, are fair game, being taken and snowballed into something vicious until a newer pity-source is found. And, of course, the claims are rarely revealed to the individual in question.

Yup. Most can assume as much I think. A follow up to all of this is despite the acrimonious tone I’ve taken I don’t actually wish death or anything ridiculous like that upon them. I’m sure they have plenty of redeeming qualities but that doesn’t excuse everything I’ve talked about, these are things that need said.

Anonymous asked:
thank you for making that post about nishi. their behavior absolutely needs to be calmed down and brought to their attention.

A lot of people have been sending me asks thanking me for posting it and I’m happy to help the situation if it does so but honestly it gives me the vibe that no one has touched the subject with a straightforward stance like I have and it really freaks me out that it illustrates my point that no one is willing to do so for fear of being ousted as a rape apologist or victim blamer. This is a complete false dilemma, Nishi’s behavior against other people is independent of the situation with Renard and it’s ridiculous that you cannot address this behavior without it immediately leading to an accusation of rape apology or whatever horseshit fallacy they dream up to throw at you.

Keep in mind, yes, shit happened to them, they are a victim but misusing that status carte blanche to be a putrid asshole is sociopathic as fuck. It goes back to the criticism I made earlier of the “if you disagree with me, you’re oppressing me” mindset. shit is way dangerous and creates a seriously unhealthy, hostile environment.

while I’m on this train of thought I’d just like to point out that

"if you disagree with me, you are oppressing me"

is a remarkably sociopathic and neurotic bullshit thing to say


The Big Book of Online SELF-LOATHING by Rainbow Brown

A good book I’d like to recommend to the many fans I’m sure I’ll accrue in the wake of all of this this. :)  

Pretty hype to see how many people get mad/offended about that post, it’ll be an accurate gauge of who I should definitely not ever interact with!

Unpopular opinion time (but actually really popular opinion that no one will publicly voice). I’m willing to take on the catch 22 of calling out a shitty person that many people trust authoritatively and unquestioningly with the outcome that reactionary idiots think I’m a rape apologist or something utterly asinine like that because they can’t think objectively or for themselves.

So let’s sit right on down and have a word children about Nishi.

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Bout to open pandora’s box but you know, it’s all good. I’m not afraid of what people that can’t think for themselves on the internet will think of me lol.