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This is what perfection looks like. @MovMou

Sometimes HotTopic is actually worth going to.

Hands - Give Me Rest (Black, /150)

A Hope For Home - In Abstraction (Grey Marble, /150)

Just got these in the mail, super stoked. I was technically supposed to get the clear press of Hands but surprise, surprise, merchnow once again mixed my order up. Not even going to bother trying to get the right one because last time they screwed an order up for me I had to send an LP back twice to get one I wanted and it wasn’t even the original color I wanted since it was out of stock, but still being shown as available. Bleh. Really not a fan of Merchnow. I wish Facedown would stop selling through them.

This has been sitting at a local record shop for over a year and I finally decided to  use some of my tax return on it.

Methods of being in a good mood: Fig. 1