I just wrapped up a remix for Zedd’s beatport contest and I’m super stoked about it! This is a quick preview of it but you can hear the full track here! Give it a listen, share it with friends, enemies, pets, neighbors, grandparents, monsters, aliens, anyone and everyone! Even if I don’t win, the more plays this gets on Beatport the more exposure I’ll hopefully get and this could really help me out doing more with my music than just having it as a side hobby to pay for extra groceries once in a while! Even if you don’t like it feel free to mute it and let it play out or show it to someone who might dig it! Any and all support and signal boosting is MUCHO appreciated and I love all of you! Thanks guys!

Yo guys! I’m releasing a FREE compilation EP of the best tracks from my two most recent albums + a new track! Check it out and reblog it, share it, tell your friends, burn it to a CD and smash it, throw at someone you don’t like or whatever! I’ve never really known exactly how to go about promoting my music so I guess a free promotion EP works yeah? You can download it here too (in case I run out of free downloads or something on BC)! There’s dubstep, moombah, electro and even some chill elements to it so if you dig any of that give it a try! <3

Ignition/Assault is finally available! After about 5 months of off and on work it’s ready to go. If you dig this sampler feel free to check it out on bandcamp and if you REALLY like it (or just want to be really nice I guess), it’d be cool if you purchased it! Everything I make from this one goes towards basically my bills and if I can afford it, parts to build a new computer since my laptop is garbage and producing tunes on it (along with art sometimes) is a nightmare. Any and all support, along with reblogs are super appreciated! 




Threw a fresh GOTA track together just for fun to screw around but it ended up actually being a new personal favorite even though I had no intentions of it going anywhere serious. Check it out! It’s kinda fidget-ish. Moreso just electro/house with some dub breaks but either way.